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Broad Spectrum “Whole Plant” CBD Oil, THC Free, 1500mg

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Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil is a whole plant hemp extract with all of the THC removed (0.0% THC). This is an ideal option for people who choose not to ingest THC because of drug testing or sensitivity, but still want the benefits of a “whole plant” extract with other minor cannabinoids.

Hold under your tongue for 60-90 seconds for maximum absorption or add to your favorite recipe!

50mg CBD per mL. Suggested dose is 0.5-1mL per day.

  • Non-Psychoactive
  • <0.0% THC
  • Non GMO 
  • Vegan Formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Organically Grown USDA Hemp
  • Third-party lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and solvents (QR code on every package links to lab results)
  • 1500mg tinctures are 1oz (30mL)

Although the use of CBD is a subject you should discuss with your employer, current drug tests are only looking for the THC molecule in hemp. This typically makes a Zero THC option safe even for higher risk jobs.

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate (0.0% THC), MCT Oil, Peppermint Extract

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Did you know? Red Raven CBD donates a portion from every sale toward social and environmental causes that affect Indigenous and Alaskan communities.

Defend the Sacred Alaska and Fairbanks Community Foodbank are two of the organizations YOU support when you choose us.

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