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Can you take CBD if you are drug tested for work?

Can you take CBD if you are drug tested for work?

The use of cannabinoid, also known as CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, are inextricably linked because they are often derived from the same plant. In recent years, the use of CBD as an over the counter treatment for chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures and many more disorders has risen dramatically. As many more people every day discover that CBD is a product which may help a chronic health problem they are experiencing, an inevitable question arises which is: Can I take CBD if my job requires drug testing?

Maybe. There are many factors that contribute to whether or not use of a CBD product like an oil or a gummy will lead to a positive result on a drug screening.

First, what type of plant is the CBD derived from. Both hemp and cannabis plants are used to make different varieties of CBD, and while the cannabis plant contains more THC, the hemp plant contributes little to no THC to oils and products. There is no high from CBD products that are void of THC, but the lack of regulation of the industry makes it difficult to determine whether a product contains THC and if so how much.

The cannabis marketplace has products ranging from CBD isolate and THC free oils and tinctures, to mixtures that contain both CBD and THC. The problem for many consumers, especially those who are required to take drug tests for their jobs like truck drivers, is that it is often difficult to tell the difference. Another concern is that the industry is relatively new, and therefore unregulated. That means that many products on the market are not tested by outside sources for quality assurance, and as a result may contain much more THC than is printed on the label.

Legally, all products labeled CBD in the United States are required to have a level of THC lower than 0.3%. The trouble is that according to a report from the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of the CBD products they tested had well over that value of THC within the product.

Another issue for consumers worried about losing their jobs due to CBD use, which is perfectly legal in all 50 United States, is that there is no guarantee that even if the level of THC is at or under the prescribed amount they wouldn’t still test positive for THC. Depending on the drug test administered by the employer, and how sensitive it is for THC, an employee who is simply using CBD for conditions like insomnia or inflammation may test positive for marijuana use. In addition, depending on how much CBD the worker is consuming on a regular basis, they could be ingesting much more THC than they realize. 

Full Range of Red Raven CBD oils

Fortunately, there are products on the market which have been tested thoroughly, and have been found to be completely free of all THC. Red Raven CBD offers THC free oils and gummies for our customers who want to experience the positive health effects of taking cannabinoid products without the risk of losing their jobs.

Getting fired from your job is one of the most stressful situations a person can experience, and if that occurs as a result of a positive drug test it can often be difficult if not impossible to secure another position. We respect our teacher, and truck driver community here in Alaska, which is why we are careful to supply them with products that will alleviate their negative health conditions, without costing them their job.

Because marijuana is only legal in 11 states, and because even if it is legalized federally there still may be professions which do not allow the usage of marijuana, we are proud to offer products that are truly THC free.

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