About Us

Our Mission

Not everyone feels comfortable with cannabis. Red Raven CBD wants to help people experience the benefits of hemp-derived CBD without the fear of THC or the stigma associated with “weed.” 

Red Raven CBD is based in Fairbanks, Alaska. We started with the idea that high quality CBD should be easily accessible to all Alaskans without having to visit a dispensary.

You’ll find our products in various independent retailers, and you can even get us in the Lower 48, since you can order online! And it’s discreet. We don’t put any branding on the outside of the box, and we’ll never share your information with others.

All of our CBD products are:

  • 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity
  • Organically grown
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant


We work with small family-run hemp farms in the US that manufacture our products with their own organically grown hemp. Our partner farms grow with love and are dedicated to the quality of the soil! We only work with farms that grow the hemp, process it and refine it themselves.

We felt that this was the perfect way to provide the highest quality edibles, tinctures and creams we could find, keep the costs down in Alaska while remaining accessible to the rest of the country, and keep in line with the Alaskan philosophy of supporting small businesses.

We go through months and months of testing before adding any new product to our brand, so you can be sure that any CBD with the Red Raven logo has been proven safe, effective and potent!

The legal hemp industry is extremely new in Alaska (April 2020) and it takes time to build a reliable supply chain between growers and distributors. Adding ”Alaska Grown” hemp products to our list of offerings will be one of the next steps in our growth!


Red Raven CBD supports the community by donating a portion from every sale to causes that directly advocate for Alaska and the people who call it “home.” To see the organizations we currently support, click here.

We also help stimulate the Alaskan economy and provide wage earning potential to Alaskans through our Brand Ambassador Program.


We are actively involved in the channels that promote legalization, standardization and hemp/cannabis education. Stay up to date by following our “Still Learning” blog.

We are also active on social media, regularly publishing “60 second or less” educational videos about CBD, cannabis and hemp. You can also follow us across social media channels @redravencbd.

Red Raven CBD is fully compliant and registered with the Alaska Industrial Hemp Pilot Program as a retailer. License # 20-4R-0051.