How We Give Back

What happens in the Arctic happens to the world.

Red Raven CBD is proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to social & environmental organizations that directly protect our Arctic land and people. Click to learn about two of the causes that YOU support when you make a purchase in our store.

We are Alaskans making space to uplift bold, courageous voices and actions for Justice. We take leadership in recognizing our interconnected relationship to each other, the lands, waters, and all living beings. We step forward in action to defend this sac

Defend the Sacred Alaska

Defend the Sacred Alaska acknowledges the shared struggles of Indigenous Peoples throughout the world for human rights and the rights of Mother Earth. They support communities across Alaska and the globe in a shared vision to rise up in solidarity with the Gwichʼin and Iñupiat peoples that have relied on the land for generations. Defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil exploration and extraction by visiting Defend the Sacred AK to download the “Action Toolkit” and to donate directly.

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Alaska Fairbanks Community Food Bank Supported by Red Raven CBD

Fairbanks Community Foodbank

The mission of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank is to collect local surplus food in the community and share it with local people who need it.. We support their vision: -To have no one in the Tanana Valley die of starvation -To have no child in the Tanana Valley go hungry -To provide food assistance to everyone who meets federal poverty guidelines, if it is requested Visit to learn more and to donate directly.

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