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Dedicated to first responders, teachers, professional drivers and other Alaskan heroes who might be subject to random drug testing.

Collection of cannabinoidal products from Red Raven CBD including: Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies, CBD topical cream to be applied for muscle aches, Full Spectrum CBD oil drops and THC Free CBD oil drops.

How do we stay true to our dedication?

We offer a variety of CBD infused gummies, topical creams and oil drops that are clearly labeled and lab tested to be THC FREE.

Currently, drug tests only look for the THC molecule in hemp. “CBD Only” products should not show up on a drug test, nor do they have a psychoactive effect.

This typically makes THC FREE hemp completely safe for certain higher risk professions.

I want THC FREE!
Full spectrum CBD sublingual drops from Alaskan brand Red Raven CBD displayed in the Alaskan snow in front of an evergreen forest.

But wait! I thought a little bit of THC helps my body better use the CBD?

That’s true! Our bodies benefit from what’s known as the “entourage effect.” That means various hemp molecules - not just CBD - work together to promote better health!

So in addition to our THC FREE options, we carry a selection of full spectrum, “whole plant” options like gummies and sublingual oils.

These products contain CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including a trace amount (<0.3%) of THC. Cannabis with <0.3% THC is classified as hemp, and is federally legal.

I want full spectrum!

CBD Topical Cream

CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum Hemp Products

THC Free Hemp Products


Pet Products


Did you know...?

Red Raven CBD donates a portion from every sale toward social & environmental causes that directly affect the Indigenous and Alaskan communities. 

See the organizations YOU support when you choose us.

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Quality Hemp + Education + Community

CBD Alaska Red Raven CBD is the premium place in Alaska to buy hemp CBD without visiting a cannabis dispensary. Choose from full spectrum “whole plant” and THC free hemp gummies, topical cream salve and CBD oil tinctures for people & pets. Buy hemp online

Red Raven CBD is a premium Alaska based hemp brand dedicated to first responders, teachers, professional drivers and other Alaskan heroes who might be subject to random drug testing. We carry a wide selection of both THC Free and full spectrum, “whole plant” gummies, topical cream and CBD oil for people and pets.

We are proud to donate a portion of all sales to Alaskan social & environmental organizations that directly support the community. 

Through your purchase of Red Raven CBD, you are helping Alaska too. Thank you!

Not all CBD is the same. At Red Raven CBD, every choice we offer is:

3rd Party Lab Tested

Organically Grown Hemp

US Farm Bill Compliant

We work hard to promote:

Quality Cannabis & CBD Education

Community Involvement

Issues Specific to the Legal Hemp Industry

Raw Alaskan hemp plants used to make high quality Red Raven CBD. We carry CBD gummies, CBD oils and CBD topicals made from the highest quality hemp.
About the Hemp
The hemp oil used in our products was grown and processed on little hemp farm in the Lower 48. It comes from a high-CBD, <0.3% THC cannabis sativa strain called Hawaiian Haze, known for its relaxing and mentally uplifting qualities. Subtle tropical fruit notes might come through in an unflavored oil. If you don’t love the natural grassy taste of hemp, the peppermint oil in our flavored tinctures is a pleasant help! Unflavored hemp oil can also be added to most foods and beverages for fun and flavorful do-it-yourself CBD edibles. You can find CBD recipes, education and discounts on our Instagram page!
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Coronavirus Update

We offer convenient online ordering with shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and the Lower 48. For same day Fairbanks delivery, please place your order on our website, and choose the “local delivery” option at checkout. We will contact you when your order is ready to arrange a time for delivery!