Lab Results

CBD Moisturizing Cream Pet Tincture
Link to the lab results for our products

Please note: many lab tests are performed at various stages of production, and some lab reports apply to multiple products. We’ve ensured that EVERY product has been tested for: pesticides, mycotoxins (mold), microbials, heavy metals, residual solvents, and potency. Please contact us if you need help finding the correct lab report. 

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate  (<0.3% THC)

CBD Isolate (0.0% THC)

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate (0.0% THC)

Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 1500mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, 1500mg

CBD Isolate Oil, 1500mg

Full Spectrum Gummies 25mg (<0.3% THC)

CBD Isolate Gummies 10mg (0.0% THC)

CBD Moisturizing Cream (0.0% THC)

Pet CBD (0.0% THC)