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CBD Skincare can offer results for aging and skin conditions like psoriasis

Should CBD be Part of Your Skincare Routine?

As broad spectrum THC products have become legal in many states across the country, many uses for cannabinoid products containing CBD have emerged within the marketplace. There are CBD infused products to treat anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain and many more common ailments. There is a new use for CBD products that many consumers aren’t familiar with, and that is the use of cannabinoid oil in skincare to treat problems ranging from acne to aging. 

The capacity of CBD oils to soothe skin inflammation like burns, psoriasis and dermatitis should be no surprise as the anti-inflammatory properties of most oils (including CBD) are well known. The additional benefits of products infused with cannabinoid oil include anti-aging, acne treatment and deep hydration. While the market is saturated with skincare items that claim to treat one or another of these problems, few if any can claim to deal with them all at once. Take a look at some of the conditions that have been shown to improve through the use of CBD skincare.

CBD Skincare like cream and oil can alleviate many common skin conditions

Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease which results in skin cells that solidify on the surface and form flaky red and silver patches called plaques. In addition to hardening the cells on the surface of the skin, psoriasis also increases the rate at which skin cells divide which can lead to even more visible areas of abnormal skin. The red spots and plaques that people with psoriasis live with on a daily basis can be not only unsightly but often extremely itchy and painful as well. 

Because psoriasis is a chronic condition, and there is not yet a known cure for the condition, sufferers often have to go through many creams and ointments without much relief. Most prescription medications are minimally effective. By contrast, recent studies have shown that CBD oil may be a solution to psoriasis in many patients. There are a couple of reasons why this seems to be the case. Because CBD oil acts on the endocannabinoid framework within the body, it can act to interrupt some messages within the body, including it seems those that tell the body to attack it’s own skin cells. In addition, there is some evidence that this same mechanism can prevent skin cells from dividing so quickly and thereby can decrease the number of plaques a person develops. Finally, because of the nature of delivery of the CBD oil, any inflammation that a patient is experiencing is also soothed. 

Acne Treatment

As any teenager can tell you, breakouts occur on the skin when dead skin cells, dirt or excess oil collect in pores and a blockage is formed. Once there is a blockage, a microscopic bacteria called P. acnes (or Propionibacterium acnes) causes infection in the area and as a result a pimple occurs. 

There are a few ways in which CBD oil has been shown to mitigate the causes of acne as well as treat the symptoms of a breakout once one occurs. Unlike many medications prescribed by dermatologists, CBD oil has been shown to target cells that are beginning to show signs of inflammation from blockages, and soothe the inflammation before an infection can develop. In addition, CBD is a very unique oil in that it moisturizes dry skin, but also prevents certain types of  skin from generating too much additional oil. Because breakouts are caused by both dry skin cells and excess oil, treating these two issues with one product can prevent pimples before they can even begin. Finally, because CBD oil does not obstruct pores, it is the perfect for a topical application that will not contribute to additional breakouts.

Eradicate dry skin

There are many reasons why people live with dry skin every day like poor weather conditions and genetic predisposition. Whatever the reason, living with dry skin can be at best irritating and at worst painful. 

The benefit of using CBD oil to hydrate over dry skin is that while supplying much needed soothing moisture it does not influence the normal function of pores and sweat glands. CBD oil instead can provide help for the problem by delivering supplements that will hydrate skin while preventing the stripping or breaking of skin. In addition, CBD oil works in conjunction with your skin's natural processes, and has been shown to stimulate pores and glands to produce more natural oil thereby helping to create a solution for both the near and long term.

Reduce the Signs of Aging

As a person ages, the largest organ of the body (the skin) begins to show signs of aging. Examples of this can be redness, dark circles, and wrinkles among others. Though there are thousands of products on the market that claim to diminish wrinkles and dark spots, few have been shown to not only stop the progression of the aging process but in some cases reverse some of the hallmark signs of getting older.

In recent studies, CBD oil has been shown to excel at keeping skin hydrated and plump. There have also been some studies that show a link between skin cancer prevention and use of broad spectrum CBD oil. As it turns out, hemp plants that produce CBD contain two unsaturated fats, Omega 6 and Omega 3. Each of these compounds have been shown to stimulate collagen production which is essential for youthful skin and tends to deteriorate in skin cells over time. Another benefit to using CBD oil to fight the signs of aging instead of many other products is the gentle nature of the product. Instead of applying harsh chemicals to skin, CBD oil is gentle and natural and will not be harsh on the delicate skin of the face or around the eyes.

CBD oil has been shown to hydrate and reduce the signs of aging

People spend a lot of money on cosmetic products that promise to keep their skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. It is easy to understand that in contrast to harsh synthetic chemicals, an all natural product that can treat skin ailments would be a much better choice.  While there are plenty of options on the market, none seems to match CBD oil. CBD oil helps treat various skin conditions like psoriasis, and acne and aids in managing aging and dry skin. The benefits to using CBD oil as part of a skincare routine are overwhelming, so it may be time for you to check out the results you can see in your skin through the use of CBD oil.

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