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Laborer works on roof where he might be tested for drugs.

Will Drug Tests Pick Up CBD Oil? It’s Different from THC

Understanding the full scope of CBD and how that affects your body can be challenging. Especially when there are misconceptions about what it is. However, Red Raven CBD is committed to answering questions like this. 

With so many people turning to CBD as a daily solution for their anxiety, pain, stress, and more, you should know why many people are taking it. Although not an FDA-approved product, much anecdotal evidence shows the benefits of using CBD. 

So, what if you decide to use CBD for its benefits, but your job requires you to take a drug test. Here is a breakdown of the difference between CBD and THC and if drug tests pick up CBD oil. 

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What Is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

CBD and THC are both derived from the hemp plant. However, their properties make them different from one another. 

CBD, or Cannabinol, is extracted from hemp plants. Hemp is commonly used for goods such as cosmetics, ropes, clothing, and more. You can use CBD products in many states because it doesn’t have psychoactive properties.

Hemp has higher levels of CBD compared to THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the primary ingredient responsible for the psychoactive properties in marijuana that makes people feel the “high” effect. 

Without THC, CBD-isolate products are a more reliable remedy for drug testing. Certain CBD products, such as our full-spectrum CBD products, contain trace amounts of THC and may still show a positive result. It is essential to consult with a medical professional before using any CBD oils for full awareness and understanding of each ingredient.

Why Does CBD Not Appear on Drug Tests?

CBD Products and Drug Testing infographic

Cannabinol will not show up on drug tests, so most often, you won’t have to worry about using a CBD-isolate product. Most people who use CBD products can also pass the drug tests required for their job or sport. 

However, some CBD products contain traces of THC that may appear on a drug test. The best way to avoid a positive result is to make sure that you have researched the CBD product you want to use. 

CBD products such as topical creams or gels, gummies, or oils have little to no THC. Red Raven CBD carries three different CBD oil products with little to no THC, including the following. 

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Our full-spectrum CBD products are often referred to as “whole plant” products as they contain all naturally occur in hemp. It also includes a trace amount of THC (0.3% or less), terpenes, and fatty acids known to have certain benefits. Some research suggests that full-spectrum products are the most effective as it produces the “entourage effect.” This term refers to a greater effect on the body when they are allowed to act synergistically.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Broad-spectrum CBD products are THC-free and a good option for people subject to random drug testing. These products are extracted oil from hemp that has filtered out THC so that only the CBD and other cannabinoids remain. These compounds are believed to still interact with each other when consumed and may allow the benefits of the entourage effect. 

CBD Isolate Products

CBD isolate products are made by filtering out the CBD when extracting oil from hemp and then chilling it. This creates a product that is 100% CBD which is typically cheaper than other options and contains no THC, making it safe for drug tests. You can easily measure out your exact dose of CBD as you don’t have to consider levels of other cannabinoids in the product. With no other compounds present, you will not benefit from the entourage effect. 

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Why Do People Use CBD?

CBD can be used for a multitude of reasons. They can range from daily remedies that can improve overall health to helping mitigate symptoms of mental disorders. 

It’s commonly known that CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory that can help with physical pains. People also use it for their mental health conditions as it has shown signs of lowering stress and anxiety. Lowering these two feelings can help mitigate other problems and help someone feel balanced. 

A few common reasons why people use CBD include: 

  • Relieve pain
  • Lower anxiety and stress
  • Mitigate depression
  • Prevent PTSD episodes
  • Recover from injury
  • Gain better sleep

Those options are what people typically hear about when someone talks about CBD products. However, more studies are being done that attempt to see the full range of benefits CBD can provide us. 

There is already one cannabinol that is FDA approved, called Epidiolex. This medication is used to mitigate epilepsy and seizures resulting from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome- two rare forms of epilepsy. 

The positive outlook on how CBD can affect people have researchers testing how it can help people with other problems they may face. These other uses can include: 

  • Heart disease
  • Acne
  • Drug addiction
  • Chronic pain
  • Daily well-being

Although more research is continually being done, there is a positive outlook on how CBD can help more people. If you’re considering using CBD products, consult your physician, so you understand the benefits and possible side effects of using CBD. 

Why Choose CBD Over Medication?

CBD can be effective in our bodies because we naturally produce cannabinoids that help with hormone regulation. The signals in our ECS system tell us when we’re feeling pain. When you use CBD, it can help block these signal receptors and allow your body to heal. 

Choosing CBD over medication means choosing a more holistic approach to your health. You’re utilizing the natural receptors in your body to help alleviate pain or reduce anxiety. 

When you choose medication, there is a chance that you could become addicted to it. However, CBD is non-addictive, which helps people prone to addiction. You can use CBD without the worry of being addicted. 

Although CBD is generally considered safe from side effects, a few medications can be affected. CBD can affect how your body metabolizes certain medications, which may change your blood level and affect their therapeutic impact. If you’re already taking prescribed medication, speak with your doctor before taking CBD.

Why Should You Choose Red Raven CBD?

Knowing which CBD products to buy can be difficult. You may not know if choosing products in-store or online is the best choice. 

However, Red Raven CBD is your best option for several reasons. The first is that it’s an online shop located in Alaska that uses hemp plants grown in the US. Another reason is that we will ship our products wherever you are in the lower 48, Hawaii, or even remote places in Alaska. 

It would help if you also were looking for specific elements in your CBD products that show they’re good quality and produced correctly. Some places may be misleading about how much CBD or THC is in their products, affecting the effectiveness and leading to a positive drug test. There may also be products that aren’t organically grown and have unknown materials. 

With Red Raven CBD, you can rest assured that the product is safe and high-quality. Our CBD-isolate oil that is safe for drug tests are the following elements: 

  • Non-Psychoactive
  • <0.0% THC
  • Non GMO 
  • Vegan Formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Organically Grown USDA Hemp
  • Third-party lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and solvents (QR code on every package links to lab results)
  • 1500mg tinctures are 1oz (30mL)

When you choose Red Raven CBD, you’re choosing a high-quality product. Our third-party lab tests ensure that our THC-free products have <0.0% THC. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about a positive drug test when using our THC-free CBD products. 

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