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THC Buildup is a thing. In addition to our full spectrum whole plant offerings, Red Raven CBD offer hemp edibles, oil and topical creams that do not contain THC.

THC Buildup is a Thing

The majority of people turning to legal hemp and marijuana these days are not looking to get high. They are looking for relief of pain, be it emotional or physical. 

Marijuana as medicine is still so new in the US. It’s been illegal for so long, there just hasn’t been enough research. 

Our founder first tried cannabis in the form of THC infused gummies as a substitute for anxiety medicine. It seemed easy to control, safe. Just take them like ibuprofen, right? One for a little bit of anxiety... two for a lot? Not even the online MD who gave us the prescription had much to say about the proper dose. Not enough research. “Just try it and see how you feel.”

So that’s how it started. Not a stoner, just a normal, anxiety ridden, professional girl wanting to use plants instead of drugs. And it felt so good! It worked! Until it didn’t. 

Two to three gummies a day, for a year. What they don’t really tell you is that THC builds up in your system. There’s a little thing called a “half life” in the medicine world. It means that they can measure how long a substance takes to be completely out of your system. Guess how long cannabis can stay in your body? This study says 67 DAYS!

If you’re taking edibles as medicine, PLEASE keep this in mind: THC buildup can cause panic attacks, psychosis and a host of other scary symptoms. Just ask a nurse what they’ve seen!

Then, we discovered CBD. It still comes from cannabis, but from an almost no-THC version of the plant (legally classified as hemp). Wow! That was the relief we were looking for. We were never trying to get high. But nobody told us the difference. We are all still learning.

While THC has a valuable place in plant medicine, it DOES build up in your system, especially through high dose edibles. And believe it or not, women are at a higher risk.  

Public awareness of this issue will increase as cannabis becomes more and more legal.

Meanwhile, we developed a line of THC free hemp products that will not cause a sensation of being high, nor will they show up on any current drug test.

High CBD products allow you to safely regulate your cannabis medicine without the risk of overdosing on THC.

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