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CBD Alaska Red Raven CBD is the premium place in Alaska to buy hemp CBD without visiting a cannabis dispensary. Choose from full spectrum “whole plant” and THC free hemp gummies, topical cream salve and CBD oil tinctures for people & pets. Hemp molecule

We Are All Still Learning (About Cannabis and CBD)

Cannabis and hemp are becoming more legal by the day, but having been illegal for so long, there is a genuine lack of important information regarding dosing and strain selection.

Our female founder discovered the benefits of the plant-healer, cannabis, and it became her primary tool in recovering from PTSD. However, after an unfortunate learning experience with excess THC buildup, she realized that high CBD hemp products were the answer to safer, more balanced cannabis consumption.

While we firmly believe that THC has a valuable place in plant based medicine, we also know first hand the little researched, kind of scary consequences of excessive THC buildup, especially through high dose edibles. There really isn’t enough information out there about this! We’re still learning.

There are millions of people who either can’t or choose not to consume THC for reasons that are occupation based, religious or otherwise personal... and that’s ok! We wanted to provide a hemp based product that offers many of the same health benefits of cannabis but was guaranteed to contain Zero THC.

For those same reasons, we started our company dedicated to first responders, teachers, professional drivers and all the other Alaskan heroes that keep the rest of us going.... Thank you to our essential workers, and everyone else choosing to avoid THC because they have a critical job. We created an entire line of products just for you!

In order to provide quality hemp to everyone looking for relief, we later added full spectrum, whole plant options that do have a small amount (<0.3%) THC. Full spectrum products are perfect for those who don’t have drug testing worries and who want the benefits of the entire plant. We’ll talk more about the difference between “whole plant” and “CBD only” options in another blog post.

Check back in on our “Still Learning” blog for hemp related news and information... we’ll post when we learn something worth sharing.

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